Ashes At Sea Inc.
The journey will lead you to a timeless adventure, a moment of truth when the mind, body and heart come together in the decision to...let go
When you hold the flower-covered ash basket, then pass it to the next person. This is an act of love; best when it's given away.

Scattering Ashes - Burial At Sea Service:
  • Ashes At Sea
  • The Journey of the Ashes
  • The Figure Eight
  • The First Journey
  • Setting the Ashes Free
  • Eight Bells
  • Choice of Vessels
  • Choice of Ports
  • Photographic Documentation
  • Captain and Crew
  • Flowers and Preparation
  • Full Assistance


Funeral Services At Sea
Scattering Ashes
We offer three levels of charter service.
The Captains Charter
The Family Charter
The Dockside Farewell
Offering a complete moment that helps bring peace to the heart.

Burial At Sea Price Quotes
Price Quotes
Ranging from $85.00 and up.

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Site Map
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Enjoy every precious minute of life...Capt. Saber