Scattering Ashes - Burial At Sea

Ashes at Sea

A Service Company
We provide information to help you with the Mortuaries, Funeral Homes and Societies.
We provide assistance to any family, any faith, anywhere to help set the ashes free.
We provide a wide variety of vessels in many ports for you to choose from.
We provide guidance through the farewell, preparation of the ashes, flowers, and documentation, photographic and written, for your peace of mind.
Dignity goes without saying. A Burial At Sea Service to set the ashes free

When a neighbor's boat failed to start on the morning he was taking his fathers ashes out to sea for a burial at sea with his family, I invited them on board my boat and offered assistance.
The ocean was calm and flat as glass when we reached our destination off shore. I turned off the engine and we sat motionless and still in the chill of the morning fog.
After they said their goodbyes, I opened the urn and poured the ashes over the side. Within a few moments they began to bubble. I was amazed at first but then I thought ashes don’t bubble and it might be coming from a hole in the hull of my boat. I thought I was doing a good deed with my invitation and now I may have to order "abandon ship"!
I leaned over the rail as far as I could to see where the bubbles were coming from. At that moment something large and dark started to come up through the ashes right at me. I was frozen like a dream that you can’t run away from.
As I pushed myself up and out of the way of what was coming, four full sized Dolphin broke through the ash cloud on the surface, cleared the water, splashed down and headed off.
In the blink of an eye I knew what I wanted to do with my life.
The people on board were breathless; so was I. As we went back to dock my life became clear - like a cloud of fear was lifted - and that was the moment I decided to start Ashes At Sea.
I went to Captain's school and passed the 2-day USCG test, 2nd in my class. Now, twenty years later, it’s still my honor and privilege to set ashes free and hopefully mend a few broken hearts and yes, I have encountered many Dolphins since then.

Captain Saber

Future Goals
To share the secrets of life and afterlife with as many people as I can!
To help them understand and prepare for a graceful way die.
To give them guidance before, during and after a passing.
To inform them how to interact with Mortuaries, Funeral Homes and Societies.
To be there in sensitivity for any questions they may have before or after.

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