Scattering Ashes - Funeral Services At Sea

"So they may travel with the ocean currents of the world until the end of time." This is a front row seat in eternity.

  • The Captain's Charter $85.00

The ashes will be set free by the Captain (me) without passengers on board. This beautiful service is photographed and provided to you for absolute confirmation and of course peace of mind knowing your wishes have been fulfilled.



  • The Family Charter
    Family Charter* (6 or less people) $595.00 and up.
    Family Charter**  (7 through 36 people) $695.00 and up.

A private, exclusive charter (only your guests) to witness and participate in the Mariner's Farewell©.

This is truly a journey of the heart and however you wish to say goodbye, in silence, spoken out loud or written on our heart shaped post-its for privacy.
Your family will set the ashes free from our specially designed basket that you gently lower into the ocean. All will witness the incredible phenomena of the ashes' transition into clouds that take shapes and colors.

This cloud will stay together in a loose formation and begin a brand new journey. We will ring the ship's bell eight times (“End of Watch”) and on the last bell everyone tosses the flower we provide. This is the last act of letting go. We return to port while the ashes join the rest of life on their way to another world.

Price Quotes

* Redondo Beaches Portofino Marina is a 5 star harbor for small and medium services.
** Over 50 people, special destinations or time, call for quote.


  • The Dockside Farewell $295.00

When circumstance prevents you from going to sea but you still want to participate, we will provide the same ‘on board’ experience at dockside or a special location. The ashes will be set free at a later time or date (TBD) via The Captain’s Charter with photographic confirmation provided for proof of service and peace of mind.

Price Quotes

  • Services Details: The Mariner's Farewell©

You and your guests will be escorted to the vessel at the scheduled time. All will be briefed on safety procedures and the Mariner’s Farewell© ceremony. Offshore, the ceremony will begin with the vessel circling left (meaning, “turning back the hands of time”). The vessel will come to a full stop (weather permitting) and the guests will be gathered for final farewells.

The Forever Basket, which is crowned by a beautiful garland of flowers, will be presented on deck. Then the basket may be passed from each guest to the next for a personal, private moment. At this time, personal thoughts, prayers or poems may be shared by the group. As the basket is passed, each guest will be handed a flower for tossing. The Mariner’s Farewell© verse may be spoken when the basket is gently lowered into the sea.  The ashes will now begin their new journey, to be carried by the current, forever.

The vessel will circle the ashes to the right (meaning, “time and life goes on”) completing the figure eight infinity sign. The ship’s bell will be rung eight times (meaning, “end of watch”) and as you hear the bell, you may toss your flower as a gesture of ‘letting go,’ which ends the ceremony.

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Print friendly: The Mariners Farewell© version here.

PS: Some say the purest form of love, is best when it’s just given away.